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Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

6th Annual ECRHA Skills Competition

ECRHA  February 22nd, 2020 at 10:08AM  February 22nd, 2020 4:10PM

There are three events that make up the skills competition and they are open to any player in the league.

You don't have to pre-register or be selected as an All-Star to compete.

The Skills Competition will take place after the All-Star Game. For those who would like to participate, please be ready to go at 7:30pm.

Fastest Skater: The fastest skater competition kicks off the skills competition. In the first round of the competition, all skaters will complete one lap of the rink in a heads up race against another skater. Players are racing against the clock, not each other during this round. The top 8 skaters will advance to the second round, determined by the fastest overall time. Skaters will be seeded and face each other in a single elimination race, with the winner advancing to the next round. The winners will be reseeded in the semi-finals, based off times in the quarterfinals. The final will be a heads up race between the two fastest skaters left in the field for the Fastest Skater Crown.

Record: Trevor Calleja - Stony Brook (13.25)

2014-2015: Eric Spencer - Rowan (14.21)

2015-2016: Christian Scott - Slippery Rock (14.20)

2016-2017: Shane Fox - Neumann (14.8)

2017-2018: John Caroll - Massachusetts (13.32)

2018-2019: Jesse Zahn - Robert Morris (14.81)


Breakaway Competition: The breakaway competition is usually the highlight of the event, with the format determined by the numbers of players who participate. There have been some exciting moments during this competition, with players either going for the win or trying some truly out-of-this-world tricks to find the back of the net.

2014-2015: Kevin Rafferty - Delaware

2015-2016: Matt Engle - Saint Joseph's

2016-2017: Dan Trunk - Robert Morris

2017-2018: Kevin Spillane - Baruch

2018-2019: Matt Kaski - Endicott


Goaltender Competition: Taking place simultaneously as the Breakaway Competition, goalies will compete to make the most saves during the competition. About midway through the competition, the goalie field gets cut down and a trio of goalies fight for the title.

2014-2015: Mark Flitsch - Boston

2015-2016: James Halko - Drexel

2016-2017: John Whitman - West Chester

2017-2018: Sam Reynolds - Hofstra

2018-2019: Cody Baldwin - Temple

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