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Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

Lock Haven University of PA Bald EaglesDivision II



Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 108:00AMFeasterville, PAExhat Oswego Won 6-5Final
Oct 104:00PMFeasterville, PAExhStony Brook Won 11-7Final
Oct 1111:00AMFeasterville, PAExhBaruch Won 9-4Final
Oct 246:00AMGrove City, PARegat Robert Morris Lost 4-9Final
Oct 2411:00AMGrove City, PARegat Penn State Lost 6-8Final
Oct 246:00PMGrove City, PARegOswego Won 8-3Final
Oct 317:00AMNew Cumberland, PARegat Syracuse Won 7-6Final
Oct 314:00PMNew Cumberland, PARegat Drexel Won 10-5Final
Oct 318:00PMNew Cumberland, PARegVillanova Won 7-3Final
Nov 111:00AMNew Cumberland, PARegVillanova Won 11-6Final
Nov 146:00AMNorth Arlington, NJRegPennsylvania Won 1-0Final
Nov 148:00AMNorth Arlington, NJRegStony Brook Lost 7-8Final (OT)
Nov 144:00PMNorth Arlington, NJRegDelaware Won 9-6Final
Nov 157:00AMNorth Arlington, NJRegat Baruch Lost 8-11Final
Feb 67:00AMGrove City, PARegOswego Won 10-8Final
Feb 61:00PMGrove City, PARegRobert Morris Lost 3-13Final
Feb 64:00PMGrove City, PANonat Akron Lost 10-11Final
Feb 67:00PMGrove City, PARegat Penn State Lost 8-10Final
Feb 2010:00AMOld Bethpage, NYRegCortland Lost 3-7Final
Feb 202:00PMOld Bethpage, NYRegat Saint Joseph's Lost 0-11Final
Feb 2011:00PMOld Bethpage, NYRegMassachusetts Lost 5-12Final
Feb 2111:00AMOld Bethpage, NYRegBoston Won 6-2Final
Mar 46:00PMFeasterville, PAPlaat Cortland Lost 3-8Final
Mar 57:00AMFeasterville, PAPlaat Saint Joseph's Lost 3-13Final
Mar 53:00PMFeasterville, PAPlaat Syracuse Lost 5-11Final

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