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State University of New York at Cortland

Cortland (D4) 52613
Ramapo (D4) 0011

Game Information
EventRegular Season Event
Facility422 Sportsplex
LocationPottstown, PA

Ramapo College

Shots on Goal
Cortland (D4) 18141547
Ramapo (D4) 85619
Three Stars
Star #1

Chris Fidotta

3G, 2A
Star #2

CJ Gilcrist

4G, 0A
Star #3

Gary Krupa

1G, 4A

Summary By Period

1st Period
Time Team Goal (Assist)
02:26CortlandPower Play - Tommy Farr  (Adam GouldGary Krupa)
03:10CortlandChris Fidotta  (Tommy FarrGary Krupa)
05:24CortlandShort Handed - Chris Fidotta  (Unassisted)
07:39CortlandGary Krupa  (Max Stern)
08:41CortlandCJ Gilcrist  (Max Stern)
Time Team Player (Penalty)
02:14RamapoJeremy Higginson  (Hooking - 2:00)
03:43CortlandRobert Motto  (Tripping - 2:00)
03:43CortlandAdam Gould  (Hooking - 2:00)
07:32CortlandThomas Hughes  (Roughing - 2:00)
07:32RamapoJeremy Higginson  (Hooking - 2:00)
10:25RamapoJoseph Della Serra  (Hooking - 2:00)
2nd Period
Time Team Goal (Assist)
07:38CortlandPower Play - Tommy Farr  (Sean GlynnChris Fidotta)
11:45CortlandPower Play - Adam Gould  (Gary Krupa)
Time Team Player (Penalty)
01:03CortlandRobert Motto  (Roughing - 2:00)
01:03CortlandMike Weber  (Roughing - 2:00)
01:03RamapoMike Montalto  (Interference - 2:00)
01:03RamapoJeremy Higginson  (Roughing - 2:00)
02:56RamapoEric Yoskowitz  (Hooking - 2:00)
03:03RamapoMike Montalto  (Roughing - 2:00)
03:03CortlandRobert Motto  (Roughing - 2:00)
04:36CortlandThomas Hughes  (Hooking - 2:00)
05:19RamapoDaniel Long  (Hooking - 2:00)
07:11RamapoJeremy Higginson  (Roughing - 2:00)
08:44CortlandSean Glynn  (Interference - 2:00)
09:59RamapoPaul Catanzaro  (Roughing - 2:00)
3rd Period
Time Team Goal (Assist)
00:43RamapoJeremy Higginson  (Unassisted)
02:04CortlandCJ Gilcrist  (Chris Fidotta)
02:30CortlandShort Handed - CJ Gilcrist  (Max Stern)
04:15CortlandShort Handed - Thomas Hughes  (Adam Gould)
06:32CortlandPower Play - Chris Fidotta  (Unassisted)
10:46CortlandCJ Gilcrist  (Gary KrupaThomas Hughes)
11:15CortlandAdam Gould  (Thomas Hughes)
Time Team Player (Penalty)
02:30CortlandGary Krupa  (Delay of Game - 2:00)
04:39RamapoMike Montalto  (Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 2:00)
04:39RamapoMike Montalto  (10-Minute Misconduct - 10:00)
05:37RamapoEric Yoskowitz  (Slashing - 2:00)
06:32RamapoMike Montalto  (Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 2:00)
10:00RamapoLouis Di Paolo  (Roughing - 2:00)
10:00CortlandMax Stern  (Roughing - 2:00)
12:00RamapoPaul Catanzaro  (Tripping - 2:00)

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