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2012 Revision Hockey ECRHA All Star Roster.

Full All-Star Roster
Posted: January 16, 2012 2:24PM; Updated: January 16, 2012 1:43PM
Here are the heavily anticipated All-Star Rosters for each division, congrats to all of our All Stars and see you this weekend in Feasterville, PA.
DI All Stars
Team 1
William Coogan (Suffolk)
Chris Culot (Hofstra)
Pat Rosa (Hofstra)
Derek Blatchley (Stony Brook)
John Kaszubski (Stony Brook)
Justin Zim (Stony Brook)
Joseph Chappius (Brockport)
Bryan Feiler (Buffalo)
Francesco Caldemo (West Point)
Gary Rokoszak (Rutgers)
Jared Occhicone (Hofstra)
Brad Witt (West Point)
Adam Melillo (Stony Brook)

Team 2
Mike Seyglinski (Towson)
Cody Gabor (UConn)
Anthony Ehinger (Neumann)
Ed Jones(Neumann)
Jonathan Lucente (West Chester)
Kevin McGraw (Penn St.)
Taylor Devlin (Rowan)
Cody Allard (Rhode Island)
Keith Goodman (Temple)
Jack Grossman (West Chester)
Mike Maczynski (Neumann)
Mitch Reinhold (Penn St.)
Kyle Fensterer (Towson)
Team 1 Starters:
Chris Culot, Pat Rosa, Derek Blatchley, John Kaszubski, and Jared Occhicone
Team 2 Starters:
Anthony Ehinger, Ed Jones, Jonathan Lucente, Mike Seyglinski and Mike Maczynski

DII All Stars

Team 1
Brian Pershinsky (Bing)
Robert Lerro (NU)
Andrew Staake (Bing)
Corey Bauman (UMass)
Kenneth Bogart (Cornell)
Andrew Hanlon (BU)
Nicholas Vitale (ALBANY)
Nick Teaford (UVM)
Matthew Toy (NU)
Thomas Espositio (QC)

Josh Krantz, (QC)
John Harris, (NU)
Max Sparr, (UMass)

Team 2
Gerard Gallo (UDel)
Justin Kozak (UDel)
Nathan Gerger (Pitt)
CJ Murray (Scranton)
John Kundrat (Drexel)
Mike Bonaskiewich (Millersville)
Tyler Leary 2 (Shippensburg)
Ryan McGeehan (SRU)
Justin Barie (SRU)
Carlin Crombie (Pitt)
Dan Cordle, (Pitt)
Thomas Marino, (Scranton)
Christian Ricketts, (SRU)

Team 1 Starters:
Brian Pershinsky, Robert Lerro, Corey Bauman, Andrew Staake and Josh Krantz.
Team 2 Starters:
Nathan Gerger, Gerard Gallo, Justin Kozak, Ryan McGeehan and Dan Cordle.
B All Stars

John Pachomski - Hofstra
Kenneth Zimmerman - Penn State
Matthew Pemper - Temple
Justin Swan - Brockport
Mike Lantieri- Rowan
Michael Mcgee- Rutgers
Justin Dickel- West Chester
Bobby Koob- West Chester
Ricky Guadagno - Suffolk
Thomas Corcoran- Stony Brook
Jeff Holland - West Chester
Craig Camara - Hofstra
Scott Manger - Towson
Starters: Justin Dickel, Bobby Koob, Mike Lantieri, Justin Swan and Jeff Holland

DIII All Stars
CJ Gilcrist - Cortland
Tommy Farr - Cortland
William Farr - Oswego
Jared Bly - Syracuse
Matt Lester - Ramapo
Coleman Stephens- Lehigh
Kyle Peiffer- Loyola
Jeremy Higginson- Ramapo
Brian Gambardella - Oswego
Chris Marvel- Lehigh

Lou Vetri: Cortland
Bryan Hughes–Lehigh
Starters: Tommy Farr, William Farr, Jared Bly, CJ Gilcrist, and Lou Vetri.
Coach: Stu Seidel (Oswego)

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